Vetogen Celebrates 6th Annual Day – A Glorious Tribute to Unity and Achievements

Bangalore, August 28, 2023 – Vetogen, a leading name in the global animal health industry, marked a remarkable milestone as it celebrated its 6th Annual Day with resplendence and fervor. The event, held at Attide Hotel Bangalore, brought together the extended Vetogen family, encompassing members from the factory, domestic, and exports teams.

The Annual Day served as a vivid showcase of Vetogen’s distinctive culture, fostering an environment of togetherness and synergy among its dedicated members. The gathering underscored the journey of Vetogen – a journey that began from India to over 23 countries, a testament to its vision of becoming a global industry player.

At the heart of the celebration was the highlighting of Vetogen’s core values – the pillars that have propelled it to global recognition. Bestowed with accolades such as the Best Manufacturer Exports Excellence Award, Times Excellence Award, and Industry Outlook Award, Vetogen attributes these honors to its unwavering commitment to farmers’ welfare. The company’s driving force has been to provide affordable, high-standard solutions to aid farmers in feeding the world while achieving economic sustainability.

The gala evening was a harmonious blend of sumptuous dinner and captivating cultural performances. Every member of the Vetogen family added their voice to the symphony of togetherness, underscoring the collective strength of a team united by a shared vision. As the celebrations resonated, Vetogen’s underlying message shone through – the quest to eliminate global protein deficiency is a journey that has just begun.

“This Annual Day is not just an event; it is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to unity, progress, and the pursuit of a healthier, nourished world,” said Directors. “As we stand at this juncture, we are poised to enter a new era, one where our efforts will amplify, and our impact will extend far beyond.”

Vetogen’s 6th Annual Day stands as a testament to the power of unity, the significance of shared values, and the promise of an even brighter tomorrow. It’s not merely a celebration; it’s an embodiment of a visionary journey that’s just taken its first steps.