“Vetogen Director Honoured for Exceptional Contributions at Bihar Animal Science University Mega Alumni Meet”

In a gathering of distinction at Bihar Animal Science University, Vetogen Animal Health’s Director, Dr. Nilay Prasad, was honoured for his outstanding contributions at the “Mega Alumni Meet at Bihar Veterinary College: Celebrating Achievements, Honouring Distinguished Alumni, and Fostering a Bright Future” on October 12, 2023. The award, presented by Vice-Chancellor Dr. Rameshwar Singh and Dean Dr. J.K. Prasad, recognized Dr. Nilay Prasad’s exceptional contributions to the field of animal health and nutrition.

The event, a Mega Alumni Meet, brought together 268 veterinarians, many of whom were esteemed alumni of Bihar Veterinary College. The program commenced with a ceremonial lamp lighting by notable alumni, including Dr. K.P. Mallik, Dr. A.A. Khan, Dr. S.P. Sharma, Dr. G.P. Ray, Dr. Basant Kumar Sinha, Dr. C. Singh, and Dr. Ram Babu Singh, alongside Vice-Chancellor Dr. Rameshwar Singh and Dean Dr. J.K. Prasad. During the proceedings, 32 alumni aged 75 and above were honoured for their exceptional contributions to the field.

Simultaneously, Bihar Veterinary College unveiled the “Unveiling Our Rich Heritage: A Glimpse into Bihar Veterinary College’s Pre-Independence History.” This evocative booklet retraces the institution’s illustrious journey through time, chronicling its remarkable evolution and the dedication and resilience that have sculpted it into the esteemed institution it is today.

Vetogen Animal Health’s presence at this event exemplifies its commitment to the poultry, dairy, and livestock feed sector, offering global-standard feed supplements with a strong dedication to providing high standard, affordable solutions. Vetogen’s mission, extending across more than 20 countries, remains steadfast: to assist farmers feed the world naturally.